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At Trewirgie our History curriculum is planned using the National Curriculum objectives but is developed by us specifically for our children in our locality. Our curriculum aims to provide engaging and investigative experiences where children are active participators in their learning. Children will be encouraged to explore and question as they learn and make historical connections to their own lives and the location in which they live. Children will make sense of prominent similarities and differences of the lives of people and relevant places throughout history. We strive to equip our children with the historical knowledge and enquiry skills they require through a range of bespoke units of learning. Our children will explore the key concept of History itself through relevant learning opportunities focused on their own lives, their families and their locality. The location of our school is key to our History curriculum and is reflected in our units of learning, which focus initially on Redruth before extending out to Cornwall and beyond. 

KS1 History Enquiry Frameworks

Year 1
Year 2 
Year 1 Redruth Unit

Black History Month

We loved celebrating Black History Month at Trewirgie. We had a very busy week learning about amazing people that have made a difference to the world we live in. In the EYFS we learnt to celebrate our similarities and differences, we read stories, sang songs and danced to some amazing music from around the world. We enjoyed learning the story ‘The Mega Magic Hair Swap!” by Rochelle Humes and explored how each one of us has unique hair! In Year 1 we learnt about Marcus Rashford and the amazing work he has done to help children just like us. We were inspired to write him letters letting him know that we thought he was an amazing role model and thanking him for work he has done to feed children in schools and support food banks. In Year 2 we learnt about Rosa Parks and Mary Seacole. Their stories were inspiring and we began to realise how much they had impacted the world we live in today. We created artwork inspired by Alma Thomas, we loved the bright bold colours and patterns she created and loved creating our own.
Trewirgie Yetu
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As part of black history month, the children learnt a song ‘Jambo Bwana’. The song was created in 1979 by a band playing in Mombasa. During one of their performances, they heard tourists trying to speak Swahili and so they decided to write a song to help people practise the words “Jambo” (Hi), “Habarai gani” (How are you?) and “Hakuna matata” (No problems). This song was intended to make people feel welcome and to help them learn the language.

Year 1 Trip.

In History we have been learning about the seaside. On our trip we explored what we can see and do at the seaside now. We were really good at spotting things from our viewpoint above Portreath beach.

The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

In June 2022 we took a whole school approach to celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee, creating a visual timeline of the Queens reign. Across the school children learnt about significant periods within the Queens reign, before creating portraits of the Queen for our timeline. We also had a Jubilee celebration where parents and carers were invited to view our timeline and join our singing celebration.