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Go Cornish

Go Cornish – Trewydhgi

Here at Trewydhgi (Trewirgie), we are proud to have signed-up for the ‘Go Cornish’ award scheme.

We want everyone to enjoy their own sense of Cornishness and to feel part of our unique Cornish language. ‘Omlowenhe gans Kernewek!’ (“Have fun with Cornish”!)

As part of the Go Cornish programme, our children and staff are learning and celebrating the Cornish language.

Look out for photos of our Cornish language activities, games and craft sessions here and on our Facebook page.

We have formed a Kryw Kernewek (Cornish Crew) who will be leading the way on this scheme. They’ve started by conducting a survey to find out how much Cornish we already know and they’ve put bilingual signs up around the school.

In assembly the children have been learning to say ‘We help. We care. We succeed.’

Listen out for the children learning more Cornish words and phrases over the coming weeks.

The new Kryw Kernewek gathered together this week for a photo and learnt the song Happy Birthday in Cornish in preparation for a special event after half term. We are working towards our Bronze award as part of the Go Cornish scheme. We completed three challenges last year and we aim to complete the award by the summer. The Kryw will represent the school at Go Cornish events and support their classes in learning some more Cornish words and phrases to use around the school.