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Behaviour Including Trauma Informed Schools

We care, we help, we succeed:

We recognise that clear structures of predictable outcomes have the best impact on behaviour.

Our school’s strategy for behaviour sets out the rules, relentless routines and visible consistencies that all children and staff follow. It is based on the work of Paul Dix and his book ‘When the adults change, everything changes’. Good behaviour is recognised sincerely rather than just rewarded. Children are praised publicly and reminded in private.

Our school has three simple rules: ‘Care, Help and Succeed’, generated through discussions with staff, pupils and parents and which are applicable to a wide variety of situations. These rules are explicitly taught and modelled by all members of our school community. However, we also understand that for some children, following our behaviour expectations are beyond their current developmental level. In this case, these children will have access to bespoke positive behaviour plans, which may include carefully targeted sanctions and rewards to reinforce positive behaviour.

Trewirgie is committed to following the TIS principles of Protect, Relate, Regulate and Reflect: