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Parents as Partners

The LPPA (Leading Parent Partnership Award) is a nationally recognised award which is achieved by schools who work closely with the parents/carers of their pupils. It is a portfolio, evidence based award that, demonstrates commitment to working with and alongside parents. In previous years we became the first school in Cornwall to achieve the award through successfully demonstrating the requirements of each of the 10 LPPA objectives.

The award was achieved through the implementation of various initiatives including Parent Voice – information sessions, extended transition provision for all children, in-school activities such as ERIC Day (Everyone Reads In School) and the provision of training sessions for our parents including Paediatric First Aid and The Importance of Play.

At Trewirgie we have always recognised the importance of parental involvement in school life and highly value this partnership. We are committed to establishing and maintaining an effective and purposeful working relationship between home and school. The LPPA has enabled us to celebrate the many things we do to support and engage our children and families. It has also enabled us to focus and analyse our provision – to change and modify what we do and reflect on our practise. As a result it has strengthened our commitment to working collaboratively with our parents embedding their role and contribution to future developments of the school.