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Curriculum Overview

At Trewirgie Infants and Nursery school, we inspire children to engage in learning, and to be proud members of a caring, supportive and successful school. We support our children to develop life- long learning skills; to be independent and creative thinkers and to be socially confident. To enable our children to be successful, we have developed a curriculum that captures their interests, stimulates their ideas and encourages inquisitiveness and critical thinking which meets their needs and reflects our locality and heritage.

At our school, we teach the children to care about themselves and others. We encourage our children to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings so we can support them to succeed to be healthy lifelong learners who are emotionally and mentally strong. Our aim is to inspire and educate our children in a happy, safe and enjoyable environment. We want our children to develop life skills, to be independent and creative thinkers and to be socially confident throughout their education and into their adult lives. Helping our children to develop respect, self-esteem and an ability to value themselves and others in order to make positive life choices for themselves.

Our curriculum is planned carefully to follow the National Curriculum objectives but always with our children and our school’s locality at its heart. We provide a creative curriculum framework in which children can develop an understanding of their own skills, expertise and knowledge allowing them to explore and build upon these as a process of self-development. It is designed to be broad, balanced and relevant to the experiences and needs of our children. It is structured to allow a progression in the acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding for our children to succeed in a changing world. All children will have opportunities to experience all areas of the curriculum. Building upon the knowledge and skills learnt and developed in Early Years throughout their journey into Key Stage 1.

Our children and community shape the way we have decided to create our curriculum. We recognised that our children needed a curriculum that is interesting, creative, intriguing and fun experience. Each year group and class adapt their own planning to meet our children’s real life needs and their starting points. All staff set high expectations for all children. They use appropriate assessments to set ambitious but achievable targets and plan challenging work to inspire and extend children’s knowledge and skills.

Teachers plan lessons so that Pupil Premium and SEND children can study every National Curriculum subject, ensuring that there are no barriers to learning and every child can achieve at their level. Teachers take account of the needs of children whose first language is not English. Lessons are planned so that teaching opportunities are there to help those children to develop their English, and to support them to take part in all subjects.