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Important Improvements to the Coronavirus Testing Contact Centre.

Please be aware that the options that you will be asked to select when calling 119 are changing.

119 is our Test & Trace help desk. Please call 119 in relation to ordering new test kits for schools and FE providers, or any other problem or question relating to test kits.

We are changing the way we structure the 119 questions to make the process quicker and clearer for you to reach the school support team.

Starting today, you should select the following options to be directed straight to the schools and FE providers support team, after calling 119:
  • Select whether you’re calling from England, Wales or Northern Ireland;
  • Select whether to hear what data is captured, or continue.
You will then hear the following options:
“If you are calling because you have an upcoming hospital procedure, or from an organisation who receives test kits directly from the national testing programme, press 1, or press 2 to continue”

Press ‘1’ for calling from an organisation who receives test kits. That will get you straight through to the school support team.

To help us resolve your query as quickly as possible, it is important that you contact the correct helpline.

Contacting 119 if you are testing yourself.

If an individual, such as a student, a parent or a carer, is conducting testing off site and requires support, they should call 119 and press ‘2’ after hearing the options above. They will then be presented with options for support in different languages.

If your query relates to any of the following, please contact 119:
  • Test kit reorder process;
  • Your Unique Organisation Number (UON);
  • Account adjustments (e.g. updating your shipping address or changing an email address).
Opening hours: from 7am to 11pm daily.

For up to date Covid information please access the following link: