In January 2012, Trewirgie Infants' & Nursery School achieved the UNICEF Rights-Respecting School's Award Level 1. We are very proud to be the first school in Cornwall to be awarded this!

Rights Respecting leaflet

In November 2014, Trewirgie Infants' & Nursery School achieved the UNICEF Rights-Respecting School's Award Level 2.

In April 2012, Father Simon presented our School Council with a lovely certificate in assembly

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We continue to work hard on our "Rights-Respecting" learning as we aim to achieve the Level 2 Rights-Respecting Award soon!

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The PSED/ PSHE Curriculum and Rights-Respecting:   


As a school, we take a cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning and this is reflected through the way that PSED and PSHE are taught across the school (Personal Social and Emotional Development in the Early Years and Personal Social and Health Education in Years One and Two).

As part of our PSHE Curriculum, we have embedded the principles of being a “Rights-Respecting School”. This is a UNICEF initiative based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which introduces the children to the idea that we all have RIGHTS. This supports our school ethos where ‘Everybody Matters’.

Classes use the ‘First Steps to Rights’ (UNICEF, 2004) materials, following a 2-year Rolling Programme that links with SEAL, The Christopher Winter Project and existing topics (you can view this here). Through each unit or theme, children are learning that they have RIGHTS – all children have these rights regardless of who they are or where they live in the world. Children are learning to RESPECT their own and each other’s RIGHTS through demonstrating Rights-Respecting behaviour.

Our School Council and Rights-Respecting Monitors lead the whole-school in looking closely at the UNCRC. Each class took a few of the Articles and discussed what they thought these meant. The children then rewrote the Articles in a more “child-friendly” way, making links with similar Articles. This was then put together as one document by the Rights-Respecting Monitors and checked by the School Council. The completed “Trewirgie Infants’ Summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child” can be found here.

Children start off in the Autumn Term thinking about three chosen Rights carefully. As a class, they discuss ways in which these rights can be achieved e.g. How might we ensure all children have the right to learn? – We listen to the teacher; we ask for help if we don’t understand; we allow everybody to listen etc. Classes have then thought about what the adults will need to do to ensure these rights are enjoyed by everybody e.g. give clear instructions, listen to children… Each class then produces their own Rights-based Class Charter. We also have a Lunchtime and Playground Charters and our Governors have adopted a Governors' Charter!
These work together to ensure children develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to lead confident, independent, healthy lives and to become responsible citizens. The school environment provides opportunities for the enhancement of social and moral development, encouraging positive behaviour and relationships.

Within each class, children that are following their Class Charter well and making good choices are rewarded. This may be through a "jump up" the class reward chart or, for our older children, receiving a reward tick. Exceptional achievement is rewarded through the presentation of the "Class Cup" on a Friday and then celebrated with the whole school in Monday's Assembly.

A very popular addition to our work as a "Rights-Respecting" School is our Friday "Leaf Assembly". This assembly is largely run by our Rights-Respecting Monitors and enables each class to celebrate individual children in their class that have demonstrated exceptional Rights-Respecting behaviour that week. The children are presented with a leaf in assembly that is then displayed on our amazing beanstalk in the hall for all to see!

Children that demonstrate Rights-Respecting behaviour at lunchtimes are rewarded with a certificate and these are also celebrated in Friday's Assembly.

Rights Poster ~ This poster illustrates the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child. It is aimed for your information to help support the work the children are doing in class and to promote discussion. It is NOT expected for children to learn this document!

Alongside our work within PSHE, our School and Class Councils run successfully with close links to the Town Council. More information about our School Council can be found here.

Individual Pupil Academic Reviews (IPARs) are used across Years One and Two. This provides an opportunity for children to reflect on their own learning and development, discussing and agreeing targets with their class teacher.